Sea Kayaking

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This is probably our most popular trip, here you get time to relax and safely enjoy the cooast from sea level as we peacefully glide along. You will explore bays and inlets and venture out into the open sea where you can ride the waves.

White Water Adventures

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After this Introductory Session the Real Adventure begins. We now head off on our River Trip. Along the way we will encounter beautiful calm stretches of Scenic River Valley, as well Weirs, Waterfalls and Rapids. Plenty of Challenges for the Adventurous River Explorer. You will be Shooting Weirs and Rapids and having Splash Battles. We…

Harbour Thrills

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High Speed Boat Trips & Pleasure Cruise’s from Wexford’s Quay 15 Minute Spins are Focused on Sharp Unexpected Turns, Flying over some very rough Water, One Hour Trips are focused more on Cruising, Viewing Seals at Raven Point 30 Minutes Mixture of both of the above Three Hour Picnic, a Trip with the Seals, the Open Sea…


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After a safety briefing you are led along the slippery Rocks, helping out your fellow Team-mates through a series of Team Games to keep you warm and get you used to the Coastal Environment, and basically to show you that there is no danger, and much fun to be had. The Session will also include…


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Surf the Waves in Wexford, how steady are your feet and balance, well here is the test, no need to fly to Hawaii we have it all here in Wexford