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racontour® is a GPS audio travel service that helps you find all of the places you’ll need to enjoy a break in various parts of Ireland.

Racontour® and navigatour® are innovative GPS services for letting a visitor find out about all of the great gems, both hidden and famous, on their GPS device. Racontour is the audio upgrade of the service and allows you to hear about a place as you pass by it.

Take the mystery out of your trip to Ireland by downloading this service from the website, www.racontour.com


Locatour – navigatour® allows the visitor to look for, find out about and be brought to these points of interest through its search service called Locatour with just a series of screen touches offering text and pictures.

Racontour – Best of all, the visitor can hear about a place they are driving/cycling past from a local voice via a smartphone/sat nav device through its audio service Racontour, which is triggered by the sat nav co-ordinates. The folklore, social history and true flavour of an area can now be instantly brought to a person’s attention.

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